Billion Souls Network

About 10 years ago when I came to the Middle East, I was in deep prolonged fasting and prayer, seeking God for divine direction and His provision for the work He has committed into my hands. I was desperate to see Him manifest His glory. It was in the midst of this prayer that the Lord spoke to my heart and said ‘son, can you believe Me for 1 billion souls to be added to the Kingdom, before the coming of Jesus Christ?”.

From that moment it dawned on me that the church is standing on a threshold of its greatest hour. I believe we are the generation who will still be alive when Christ returns and we will be instrument in God’s hands to help bring Jesus back. One of the greatest signs Jesus said would occur before His return was that ‘’…This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come.’’(Matthew 24:14)

As the body of Jesus Christ eagerly awaits the Lord’s return, we must ask ourselves, how are we going to reach the unreached people….more than 4 billion souls with the gospel? How are we going to fulfill the great commission before Christ returns?

A vast majority of Christians sitting in our church pews have lost their passion and vision for the unsaved. They have become hardened towards the eternal destiny of the people going to hell without Christ. The average Christian today is spiritually near sighted. His vision is limited to his own personal needs, the needs of his family members, friends, and at the most the needs of his local denomination. They have lost sight of the need for global evangelism.

The only hope for the unreached masses is for us to take a fresh look at the challenges that lie before us. We need a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, with a passion for the lost. We desperately need to recapture the global vision Jesus gave to the early church, before He left this world and returned to glory. With radical faith they took Jesus at His word and shook their generation for Christ.

If we are to reach the lost with the gospel we must mobilize and intensify all our efforts, resources and the advanced technologies of our time to reach the unreached. With the recent news from the United Nations, the world population has exploded to 7 billion people on the planet, (Asia 4.216, Africa 1.051, America 942, Europe 740, and Australia 37). And by the year 2025, there will be an estimated 8 billion people on our planet.

The UN said that with the current population growth in the world, it would be disastrous because the resources of the earth will no longer be able to support humanity.  But for the church, with the explosion of population and technology, it is the right time to look up as Jesus said in the book of (John 4:35) “Do you not say, there are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”  Right now there are more than 4 billion unreached people which, is more than half the global population, Heaven will not forgive us if we neglect or waist divine opportunity such as we have now to give the gospel to every continents, nations, cities, towns and souls.

It is my prayer that God will shake the body of Christ out of its complacence, give you and me such a great passion for the lost, that from the depth of our inner most being we will cry out, and travail for the lost souls like the great Revivalist John Knox of Scott Land who asked God “Give Me Scott Land or Die’’. Together we can bring into the Kingdom this massive harvest of souls waiting in the balance.  We Must Cry Out To God Daily “Give Me 1 Billion Souls Or I Die!”

Here are what you can to do be a part of this 1 billion souls crusade:

  • Help raise a prayer covering daily for 1 billion souls.
  • Sign up as a member of the Billion Network.
  • Support the vision with your sacrificial gift and offering.
  • Adopt one of the 6 continents of the world, ask God daily for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on every Continents, Nations, Cities, towns and souls (flesh) and mobilize other believers to join you in this prayer.
  • Help us with facilities within your community or region for crusades, conferences, church planting and help supply evangelistic materials.
  • Help sponsor our programs on any TV or satellite network.

 As we join hands together around the world in unity of focus to blanket the world with the gospel before the return of Jesus Christ, we can complete the mission of why Jesus came.